Isn’t this is the first thing we write when we start learning how to write computer language codes. I remember my school days when on the very first day our teacher┬áMr. Nitish was taking our very first class of computer science and he was introducing us with the computer languages and their types. I always used to think how these computer softwares were created although it was long back the era of windows 95 and DOS but still it was bit fascinating to me. I started learning my very first programming language “C”, and I was super excited to know what the language was called as “C”. I was sure that there must be having some correlation with this alphabet with the language but when I found the reason behind it, it was a good thing to know. I am not adding thing up here. You can Google it by your own or you can check out this article.

At NID Convocation

I will not have much to say but would like to tell you bit about me. I am computer science post graduate and User Experience Designer from National Institute of Design. I like travelling and I talk a lot. I do bit of photography and bit of video filming, bit of gaming and bit of cooking, bit of keyboard playing and bit of singing, Not even this but also took this thing to another level when I was in 10th standard, I had option to choose either Biology or Maths for my 11th and 12th classes but I took both.

Design Team @ Philips

Currently I am a User Experience Designer at Philips in Global Design Team. Most of the people don’t about what to do as a designer with Philips. So many people have asked me same questions multiple times that are you a product designer? do you design switches, bulbs, trimmer? No I am not a product designer, I work in Healthcare domain. Philips is majorly into Healthcare business from decades. They are the leaders in manufacturing MRI, CT Scan and Utlrasound machines. To operate these machines, softwares are being used so I work on those softwares. I am currently part of DLS (Design Language System) Team and we are the one who takes care of the design consistency across businesses. Have a look at the picture of Philips design team here in Bangalore.