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Minimal Conference app is a modern and easy to use group/conference calling app. With this app business users can schedule conference calls with their colleagues or clients across the globe. This project was a self initiated. I came up with the concept to simplify the approach for meeting creation and sharing with the team. For a meeting app the most important role is always played by calendar application. To keep up with schedule one has to always follow and be updated. The most problematic thing is interdependency of multiple application and jumping in between multiple apps at the same time.


Logging in with company email id will give access of all company employees contact details with other employee information which can help user in setting up the meeting. This single application approach can avoid the tedious process of setting up meeting, sending meeting invites, calendar sync up issues etc.


Due to confidentiality I have preferred going ahead with the conventional approach of creating account. The application target audience will be corporate users so integration of any social platform will not be a good idea. Apart from this I wanted to give flexibility to the user for creating a unique username which will be based on company. Within a company the name will be unique so addressing a user will be quite easy instead of writing a complete email address to invite people.


A gesture based approach to navigate within the application. With swiping left and right user can jump in between bottom three tabs which is “Meetings, Create New and More”.

Meetings is a simplified view of calendar app which user can access by just swiping up and down. User can see his/her own username on top below is a predefined unique conference number which will be the same when ever he/she will setup the call. For getting into the call user just need to tap the call icon which will take user to the meeting directly. Now the tricky part here is:

How user will know that what meeting is scheduled for now and what is upcoming?

Answer to this is the current meeting will get highlighted and will come in the centre in a card. Above this is history which user can see by just swiping down. Below card all the  upcoming meetings are listed. Simple gesture of swipe up and down helps user in browsing past and upcoming events. The moment user start swiping down to view history the conference number card will come to bottom for better accessibility for hassle free meeting joining.