Finance Agent

Description of the organization and its target audience

We help finance agents & commercial funding brokers grow their ability to get funding for their clients with the technology, training, coaching, and a network of exclusive products & services.

Visual style

We recently hired a designer to create a newly designed site for us that is 100% different than our old site. All the structure and content has been re-done. I like what he did for us. It’s currently a 7 out of 10 in my ind. What I want now is to see if someone in your community can make it better. Can we get it to a 9 out of 10? In general the design i’ll provide is what we want, but I know that by having different designers add their touches and thoughts then it can get even better. If anyone can dramatically improve this home page, I then have 5 more pages that he/she can do similar adjustments and improvements to. So the winner will also win additional post-project work and potentially lots of long term projects. It’s important that this website show us as being very professional, very established, polished, aggressive, smart, and impressive. I want to impress people who are thinking about working with us or who are looking at our website to determine our credibility.

Inspirational websites
super-modern, stunningly beautiful, strong graphic communication
This website is great, but specifically the about us page is one of the most beautiful pages i’ve ever seen. The visuals on this page are amazing.
Strong visual contracts, great use of pictures and drawings to communicate concepts simply. I also like the “get funding” page.